I don’t want to learn Māori because of x, y and z

So today’s post is inspired by the picture above. It was a guilt trip post (which is a terrible idea because guilt tripping is quite demotivating!) posted by Let’s Learn Māori on Facebook.

One of the people replied to the post and gave a shopping list of reasons as to why they don’t want to learn. It all involved a lot of reaching imho. Here’s the shopping list;

  1. A tohunga told me not to and to focus on English because it’s a global language
  2. A professor told me not to learn it and to focus on English because it’s a global language
  3. The language taught today is modern
  4. Most ancient words are forgotten
  5. The vocabulary is reinvented

Now, I don’t want to spend any particular time debunking any of the above rubbish because that would be wasting my time – and I suggest you do the same. If someone comes at you with a reason or a shopping list it’s best to acknowledge it for what it is – an episode in attention seeking from someone with low self-esteem. It’s pointless to debunk the list because they will shoot out reason after reason and no amount of reasoning them will get them to change their minds – they have a shopping list of excuses and they will shoot them off like a machine gun to excuse themselves.

The best way to counter it is to smile and say thanks for sharing your reasons why you don’t want to learn Māori and try and segue your way out of the conversation as quickly and unawkwardly as possible.

Seriously, don’t give them your energy or time. You need it for speaking Māori with those who speak it or are learning to. 


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