Welcome nau mai haere mai kia ora!

Welcome to my new te reo Maori site. This is where I get to write on the fly (and in depth) about things that come into my head about New Zealand Maori language.It’s going to be a bit like Upoko Pakaru, but also,  not. There’ll be posts on different things that I come across. And yes, please feel free to correct me when I’m wrong (but be nice about it!)

So welcome, pull up a chair and I hope you like the cafe theme. I LUV cafes.



This is a place to come hang out, chat, and talk about New Zealand Maori language. Maybe even ask a question or two and just chillax. Have a hot chocolate, a slice and just feel good. Feel free to hit me up and who knows your question might become a blog entry!


If you want, fill this out 🙂 Details kept confidential.